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Queen has been walking the streets as a sex slave in central Italy for two years. It's so exciting because I come to meet new people and sometimes it take away my pain. The first night was a nightmare. It's a pressing issue and we don't have any way to prevent this exploitation. Voodoo, a ritual to tribal gods, spread to Caribbean islands like Haiti. Police said one year-old girl was forced to have unprotected sex and was sent back on the streets until she was six-months pregnant.

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Meet the women forced into sex slavery in Italy

She's back patrolling the streets with her anti-trafficking team, trying to save others. For a detailed methodology of how these products were identified, please refer to Appendix 3 in the Global Slavery Index report. With very few victims willing to testify against the Nigerian mafia, the slave trade looks set to continue despite the Vatican and the Pope declaring eliminating it a key priority in this Catholic heartland. Research conducted among Roma women in Italy in found that 47 of 74 female respondents 64 percent were married before the age of 18 and 22 respondents 30 percent were married below the age of They lure ignorant girls to come to paradise. What happened in apartment 4C?

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